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How did my policy pay?
In our App you can directly make your single annual payment.
What payment methods are available?
Use your MasterCard and Visa credit card, or if you have a debit card enabled for internet purchases (CCV). You can also make your payment through PSE.
Why, when making the quote for the policy to insure my cell phone, it says that the device is not in the list?
This is mainly due to two reasons:
1. Because the commercial price of your cell phone exceeds the maximum insurable value ($4,500,000).
2. Because the reference of your cell phone is not yet loaded in our database. (In this case you can make a direct request through the application chat).
What is the deductible percentage and how much is it equivalent to in my policy to insure the cell phone?
The deductible is the value that you as the policyholder assume when an event occurs for which you must make the policy effective. In this case, it corresponds to 30% of the commercial value of your equipment.
What is the IMEI of my cell phone?
The IMEI is the code that exclusively identifies your cell phone worldwide and is one of the requirements that we request when completing the quote process to insure your equipment. There are 15 digits that you must write without spaces or special characters. 
Can I insure a phone that was purchased outside of Colombia?
It's not possible. We only insure cell phones purchased in our country.
How do I make a claim for my cell phone insurance policy?
If the unfortunate situation of theft, total loss due to accident or damage to the screen of your cell phone occurs to you, go to this link
and we tell you how to make your insurance effective.
In which cities in Colombia can I use my Protect Life and Dental Protection insurance?
Learn about Ampara Vida and Dental coverage by following any of these links
Do Protect Life and Dental Protection insurance have automatic renewal?
No, and it is because these insurance policies have been designed with different terms (quarterly, semi-annual, annual) as alternatives for our clients to manage according to their needs.
Here can I buy my SOAT Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance?
No, currently only some insurance companies are authorized to sell it. You can find out about them at this link:
Verify that the pages are secure, do not believe in exaggerated discounts or offers through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
In some of the authorized companies you can only acquire the SOAT in person.
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