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Claim process

Screen fracture

Encuentre en forma fácil el seguro que necesita


Download the claim form at and fill it out.

Seguros fáciles y simples online


List these documents:

Copy of identity document enlarged to 150 %.

Image of the IMEI of the equipment
(dial *#06# and take screenshot)

Cell phone photos (side and front)

Asesoría en seguros sencilla


File the claim at

A case number will be generated and during the following 5 business days the corresponding study will be carried out.

Then you will be notified via email or a call.

If the case is pre-approved, the value of the deductible corresponding to the repair will be sent through a payment gateway.

Sign the repair order and send it to A CINCO's WhatsApp together with the payment support.

Go to the authorized technical service, deliver the equipment to be repaired or coordinate its collection at home.

There they will carry out the screen repair and it will be sent to your home.

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