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Pet Insurance

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By protecting them you are ensuring your peace of mind

The love of our pets is unconditional, and so is ours, which is why we offer you insurance with three plans to accompany you in any situation related to your dogs or cats, and thus take care of them at all times.

Who are we going to consent to with our plans?

Dogs and cats between 3 months and 10 years.
They count on you and you will be there for them.
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How much love fits in a look?

Everything, and for that they deserve everything. An insurance that takes care of them with the best coverage according to the needs of your pet and yours.
Economic support for veterinary medical consultations. Assistance for damages or injuries to third parties. If your pet is lost, we accompany you in your search. If you suffer an accident that prevents you from taking care of it, we will take care of it. Dog walker, bath, nutritional guidance, dental emergency, and more.

Basic pet plan
For only $85,000 COP per year

Seguro Mascotas

¡Sé el primero en enterarte!

Classic pet plan
For only $290,000 COP per year (Dog)
and $230,000 COPPer year (Cat)

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Global pet plan
For only $419,000 COP per year (Dog)
and $326,300 COP per year (Cat)

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What do we offer you?

Global plan

Classic plan

Basic plan

Day care in case of hospitalization or travel of the owner

Vaccination reports for your pet

Legal assistance in case of damages to third parties

Veterinary nutritional guidance

bath for your pet

Delivery of medicines at home

Annual anti-rabies booster for your pet

Reference and coordination of services for your pet

dog walker

flea pipette

Transfer of your pet for an emergency

Sterilization for your pet

Dental emergency for your pet

Annual hexavalent scheme reinforcement

Acquire it through the MOM Seguros App

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